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The difference between TDM over IP and E1 to Eth
From: cutelink Date: 2015-07-28

The difference between TDM over IP and E1 to Ethernet converter

E1 to Ethernet EOP Protocol Converter:
E1 to Ethernet Converter, Protocol Converter, Ethernet over PDH
Ethernet over PDH or EoPDH is one of many techniques that provided Ethernet connectivity over non-Ethernet networks. Specifically, EoPDH is a standardized methodology for transporting native Ethernet frames over the existing telecommunications copper infrastructure by leveraging the established PDH transport technology. EoPDH is one of several Ethernet transport technologies that enables Telecommunication Service Providers to offer "Carrier Ethernet" services. Also commonly used as a means of connecting businesses to a Metro Ethernet network.
E1 to Ethernet converter (also called E1 network bridge) is to transmit Ethernet data over E1 network (PDH,SDH network etc). The Ethernet port connect to terminal device,computer,Ethernet switch,Ethernet router etc.
CL-EOP4 mini 4E1 to 4Ethernet EOP protocol converter solution
Down-Link: Ethernet
1E1 to Ethernet Protocl Converter: CL-C1100
4E1 to 4Ethernet Protocl Converter: CL-EOP4 CL-EOP4mini
8E1 to 4Ethernet Protocl Converter: CL-EOP8 CL-EOP8mini
16E1 to 4Ethernet Protocl Converter: CL-EOP16

TDM over IP TDMOIP Converter:(Ethernet mux)
TDM over IP, E1 over Ethernet, IP MUX
In computer networking and telecommunications, TDM over IP (TDMoIP) is the emulation of time-division multiplexing (TDM) over a packet switched network (PSN). TDM refers to a T1, E1, T3, or E3 signal, while the PSN is based either on IP or MPLS or on raw Ethernet. A related technology is circuit emulation, which enables transport of TDM traffic over cell-based (ATM) networks.
TDMoIP is a type of pseudowire (PW). However, unlike other traffic types that can be carried over pseudowires (e.g. ATM, Frame Relay, and Ethernet), TDM is a real-time bit stream, leading to TDMoIP having unique characteristics. In addition, conventional TDM networks have numerous special features, in particular those required in order to carry voice-grade telephony channels. These features imply signaling systems that support a wide range of telephony features, a rich standardization literature, and well-developed Operations and Management (OAM) mechanisms. All of these factors must be taken into account when emulating TDM over PSNs.
TDM over IP (TDMOIP) is to transmit the E1 data over ethernet network. It transports the legacy E1 data through the existing Ethernet or IP network. The typical application is transmit voice and data over wireless radio network.
TDM over IP is a cost effective solution for the traditional telecom services migrate to the IP packet network. The technology need to do the E1 clock retiming and clock recovery.

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