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CL-EOP4/8/16E1 to 4Eth SNMP Converter Solution
From: cutelink Date: 2010-09-06

CL-EOP Ethernet to N*E1 protocol converter is the IP over TDM converter, which supports the conversion from MAC frames to 1 C 16 E1 lines. The maximum bit rate is 31.68Mbps (16E1 lines). With different LAN card, 4*Ethernet port support VLan, E1 card and power card, it can meet various requirements.


CL-EOP4, Ethernet to 4E1 converter with components of EOP4 motherboard +4 E1 card +4Ethernet port LAN cards
Ethernet to 8E1 converter with components of EOP8 motherboard +8 E1 card + 4Ethernet port LAN cards
Ethernet to 16E1 converter with components of EOP16 motherboard +8 E1 card +8E1 card+4Ethernet port LAN cards
 CL-EOPNMS SNMP card for EOP(with software)
 CL-EOPETH4 4Ethernet port LAN cards
 CL-EOPETHO Optical Ethernet port LAN cards