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CuteLink,A product of ZERCI Which belong to ZERCI Communications' Equipment Dept.

CuteLink had found data communication a promising and glorious future. Expanding the bandwidth continuously to provide broadband access based on fiber and Ethernet technology would be the next generation of data communication.

CuteLink's engineer want to get the majority of marketing share with its own advanced technology, high stability and customer awarded service.

CuteLink are willing to share its professional knowledge and experience about the network design,construction and maintenance to all customers.CuteLink will help all customers to build a powerful,efficiently,user-friendly and cost-effective network.

CuteLink is the equipment manufacturer also it is the Solution and Services provider.
In the futuer CuteLink want to become the leader in R&D, manufacturing, and marketing of data communication equipment and network edge devices and the best network solution and service provider all over the world.

CuteLink Products Family: 
l  MSAP STM-1 SDH Multiplexer  (4/8/16/24/32/48/63E1SDH Mux,EOS Ethernet Over SDH )
l  PDH  Multiplexer Optimux (4/8/16E1 with 5*Gigabit Ethernet / 4*Ethernet,Rs232,OW Vlan SNMP NMS)
l  Fiber Optic Modem (FE1,V.35,Eth,8Mb Fiber Optic Modem)
l  E1 to Ethernet Protocol Converter  (1,2,4,8,16E1 to Eth,4/8/16E1 to 4*Ethernet VLAN SNMP Converter)
l  Interface Converter
l  Media Converter
l  L2 Fiber Swtich
l  Voice Mux PCM(Voice Over E1, Voice Over Fiber)
l  E1 Over IP TDM Over IP Converter
l  EOC(Ethernet Over TV Cable) Cable Modem
l  IP-OAM PTN Access Devices
l  PTN CPE Access Devices