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16. 2016.01 ZERCI Cutelink start to test Ethernet Service Aggregation Platform and  IP & Carrier Ethernet Demarcation Devices .

15. 2015.05 ZERCI Cutelink update CL-EIP1/2/4/8/16/32/64 E1 Over IP TDM Over IP Converter.

14. 2014.05 ZERCI CuteLink released PTN CPE Device.

13. 2013.04 ZERCI CuteLink released New Version CL-EIP 1/2/4/8/16E1 Over IP TDM Over IP Converter.

12. 2012.07 ZERCI CuteLink released CL-IAOM IP-OAM PTN Access Devices.

11. 2011.05 ZERCI CuteLink released CL-FOM4104G/8104G/16104G 4/8/16E1+5 Gigabit Ethernet VLAN,SNMP SFP PDH OptiMux.

10. 2010.06 ZERCI CuteLink released CL-GW16 16E1 MST Access Gate Mux ,CL-EOP4/8/16 4/8/16E1 to 4Ethernet VLAN SNMP Dual-power Protocol Converter.

9. 2009.05 ZERCI CuteLink Develop E1 Access Mux .CL-FOM4104/8104/16104 4/8/16E1+4Eth+rs232+SNMP+OW PDH mux come into market.

8. 2008.02 ZERCI CuteLink Cable modem updat e TV+Ethenret+WiFi+Phone fuc.,It become a NGB leading product.Also Cutelink develop module switch,bandwidth control media converter.New MST PDH and MSAP SDH.EIDS aggregate data multisystem.

7.  2007.06 Zerci Set Up CuteLink as a Communication Brand.ZERCI-CuteLink Start to optimize all products line and all products.Make those products are more easier to use,and more powerful.

6.  2006.09 Our factory MSAP STM-1 SDH multiplexer come to market,and we start to develop cable modem(Ethernet over Broadcast Network).CuteLink STM-1 SDH won many project in China Mian Core network.Widely used in China Telecom,China Mobile.Cutelink Cable Modem provide service for connecting each family to internect through Cable Network.

5.  2005.05 Our factory start R&D MSAP STM-1 SDH multiplexer.Cutelink released standalone STM-1 MST SDH and Rackmount STM-1 Access SDH.It is considered as a Powerful MSAP SDH Access System by many telcom companies.

4.  2002.02 Our factory develop 4/8/16E1+100Ethernet PDH multiplexer.Cutelink had a perfect manufacte chain and supply chain.Also cutelink set up a strict quality control system.Adopted advanced ERP software to manage all company and factory.

3.  2001.07 Our factory start to produce E1/V.35/Ethernet Fiber Modem.

2.  2001.01 Our factory develop 1/4/8 E1 to Ethernet Protocl Converter.

1.  2000.05 CuteLink Factory Founded In China.The first product is E1 to Ethernet Protocol Converter.All Products are use FPGA chips which developed by ourself.