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For ZERCI Communication Dept., every one of my colleagues are close comrade-in-arms are an indispensable part of a valuable asset. We can offer is not only competitive salary, but more importantly, is a stage, the stage of your own!
Sincerely invite you to join ZERCI-CuteLink team, and we will to create, experience, the next stage is looking forward to witnessing the life course together!

CuteLink ZERCI's management and staff have extensive experience backed by the ISO quality processes, and can ensure customer delight. We partner with our customers to solve their problems and have committed to a strategy of deep customer relationships.

A high level of efficiency and accountability, and the ability to capitalize on new opportunities.
Offer distinctive services.
Increased Productivity.
Improved Operational Efficiencies.
Maximize the value of customer.
Awareness of Business ethics.

  Invite Applications:
  Area:Beijing China
  1.Sales Manager (1)
2.Support Engineer(2)
3.Customer Care Center Manager(1)
4.Dept. Secretary(1)
  Pls send your Resume to hr@zerci.com.Thank you!welcome to join us.
  Application Process: