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CL-GW16 16E1 Access Gatway Mux Solution 2
From: cutelink Date: 2011-01-04
CL-GW16 16E1 GATEWAY is the a multi-E1 convergence-type bridge equipment, it provides 16 E1 and 4 FE interfaces, possesses Channel convergence function, according to the different bandwidth can divide into 1~16 Channel. Each Channel is composed of one or multi-E1 lines, the Channel as the link unit carries the Ethernet data transparently, and it has the function which is similar to EPON, any Channel under the user need can set up isolation or communication. Make use of the Channel as the link unit what is composed of E1 lines can realize point to point or point to multi-point flexible networking, and meet the users¡¯ variety of bandwidth and centralized network management needs.


Order Info.:
4Eth support Vlan,16E1 uplink  can work with CL-EOP and CL-C converter,support Web SNMP NMS
Compatible With Cutelink CL-C and CL-EOP Protocol Converter
10/100M Base-T to E1, 75/120ohm, (N*64K)framed/(2M)UnFramed,Support Vlan,AC220V or DC-48V
      CL-C4200 4*10/100MBase-T to 4E1, 75/120ohm, framed,AC220V+DC-48V(4 Ethernet ports,4E1 Ports)
     CL-C8400 4*10/100M to 8E1, 75/120ohm, framed,AC220V+DC-48V(4 Ethernet ports,8E1 Ports)
CL-EOP4/8/16 CL-EOP4/8/16, Ethernet to 4/8/16E1 converter with components of ¡®EOP4 /8/16motherboard +4/8 E1 card +4Ethernet port LAN cards