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Product Nameú║ EasyView SNMP NMS
Product Modelú║ CL-EasyView

Cutelink CL-EasyView network management system is used for managing CL-FOM4104G/8104G/16104G OptiMux, CL-FOM4104/8104/16104 OptiMux and CL-FOM401B/801B /1601B OptiMux PDH devices and CL-EOP4/8/16E1 to 4*Eth Protocol converter and CL-C1400 E1 to 4*Ethernet Protocol Converter, it has network management functions of enquiry alarm, performance and data configuration.

CL-EasyView is Base on CL-EasyPDH and CL-EasyEth. It included all funcation of CL-EasyPDH and CL-EasyEth.

System request
Microsoft Windows TM NT/2000/XP/Vista/7 series operating systemú╗
CPU of above Pentium TM II350ú╗
EMS memory of above 256MBú╗
Display resolution of 1024í┴768ú╗
Harddisk of above 10Gb spare capacity.

1. Pictures are in accord with the indication of real Product.
2. Standard SNMP transmission Protocol.
3. Complete topological diagram reflects the network connectivity.
4. Display comprehensive historical alarms and present alarm.
5. Some setting of the hardware can be done in the network management software.
6. SNMP device can control 160 pieces of function cards.
CL-EasyView SNMP NMS GUI CLI Interface:

Connecting Mode

 Cutelink EasyView SNMP NMS Network Management System
Main Interface
ETH NMS, which can configure Gigabit ETH port like intelligent L2 switch, it has followed functions:
 Separation based on port;
 VLAN based on port;
 VLAN based on TAG;
 Flow control
 Port monitoring.
 Broadcast Storm Protection, etc.

E1 Channel Management .
Cutelink EasyView SNMP NMS Network Management System
In í░E1 Channelí▒ view, can check the estate of each E1 of device, also can set loop estate of each E1 channel, can set each E1 channel as í░No Loopí▒, í░Local Loopí▒ or í░Remote Loopí▒, which is easy to test and manage estate of each E1 channel.