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Product Name V.35 to G.703 64K Protocol Converter
Product Model CL-C3640
CL-C3640 can realize the electrical converting between G703 and V.35 Interface. It can operate at rate of 64k full duplex. The data interface mode is DCE and can connect with DTE\DCE data device.
1. Developed from the integrated circuit with our own property right.
2. E1 interface supports two kinds of impedance: 120 ohm balanced and 75 ohm unbalanced.
3. Offer three kinds of clock: master, external, and slave.
4. Offer two kinds of loop function: local loop back and loop back to remote port.
5. Completed pseudo-random code testing function.
6. Easy to operate with all the setting operated in the panel.
1.  Power
AC Input: 100~240V           DC Input: -48V
Power Consumption:3W
2.  V.35 Interface
Compliant with V.35 standard
Rate: n64Kbps, n=132
Physical connector: DB25 female jack DCE & DTE optional
3.  G.703 64K E1
Compliant with ITU G.703 standard
Rate: 64Kbps,
Physical connector: RJ45
4.  Environment
Operation Temperature: 0~50
Operation Relative Humidity: 20~90%
Store Temperature: -20~65
Store Relative Humidity: 10~95%