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Product Name 1/4/8/16E1 to Optical 10/100Base-T Protocol Converter
Product Model CL-C4201
CL-C4201 Protocol converter is a high-performance, self-learning distant Ethernet Bridge with small size and low cost, which makes it suitable for cost-sensitive bridge connection as the LAN stretcher or separator based on the bite flow. It can study MAC destination address from the connected LAN constantly and determine whether forward or filter according to destination Mac address of data frames. Standalone and Rack mount module are both available.
1.  Converts signals between (1~4) E1 interface and Ethernet interface and transmits video, voice, data and so on with Max. Bandwidth 7.968Mb
2.  Has built-in SDRAM controller with capacity of 1MX16Bbits.When Ethernet data transmitted, the frames are reordered in the E1 channel so as to assure frames order effectively and improve the transmission rate.
3.  It allows that the max. Transmission time difference of frames order between each Two E1 channel can be 16 ms, which can assure it be used stably and reliably in each complicated network.When transmitting Ethernet data, attenuation of bandwidth of each E1 channel is only 64kbps and the actual effective bandwidth is 1.984Mbps.
4.  Check the available channel from channel 1 to channel 4 automatically and distribute bandwidth automatically.
5.  Support limitation setting of CRC error code. Whenever error code rate is beyond the limitation, the system can automatically isolate E1 channel.
6.  Isolation function is for uni-direction isolation. It will isolate the channel whose error code rate is beyond the limitation, which wont influence transmission of the other direction. After, asymmetry transmission is carried out over E1 channel.
7.  Has alarming indicator lights which can offer prompt and comprehensive information to find out error easily.
8.  When it works normally, inserting or pulling out any E1 channel wont influence.
9.  when all receiving directions of E1 channel are disconnecting, the local alarming and network management information con be sent by the sending direction to the route endpoint and the one-direction transmission of E1 channel is carried out at the same time.
10. Supports SNMP.
AC Input
DC Input
Power Consumption
E1 interface
Data rate
Code type
Compliant with G.703, G.704, G.706 and G.823 75/120 BNC (75ohm)/RJ45 (120ohm)
Ethernet Interface
IEEE 802.3, 802.3u.10/100M electrical Port, MDI/MDIX auto negotiation, Half/ full duplex
2*RJ45 connector
Optical interface
Operation Temperature
Operation Relative Humidity
Store Temperature
Store Relative Humidity
CL-C1201  1E to Optical protocol converter
Order Info.:


Optical Ethernet+10/100M to E1, 75/120ohm, framed,
 AC&DC (1 Ethernet ports, 1 Optical, 2 Electronical)
Optical Ethernet+2*10/100M to E1, 75/120ohm, framed, AC+DC (3 Ethernet ports, 1 Optical, 2 Electronical)
Optical Ethernet+10/100M to 4E1, 75/120ohm, framed, AC+DC   (2 Ethernet ports, 1 Optical, 1 Electronical)
Optical Ethernet+10/100M to 48E1, 75/120ohm, framed, AC+DC (2 Ethernet ports, 1 Optical, 1 Electronical)


Optical Ethernet+10/100M to 48E1, 75/120ohm, framed,
AC+DC (2 Ethernet ports, 1 Optical, 1 Electronical)